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Land LayBy Technologies ABN44623660220 - Australia and it's sister company Land LayBy Technologies Ltd - Kenya are unique social impact FinTech startups that operates specifically to cater to the investment needs of immigrants all over the world.


Banking the unbanked

The ubiquitous use of sim phones in developing countries presents a possibility to deploy meaningful technology to fractionally digitize assets.


Improve illiquidity

Creation of a secondary market where migrants in Australia and all over the world can trade land options.


Incidental Remittance

Blockchain solutions empowers migrants to remit funds overseas at no cost as well as facilitate convenient property e-commerce


Financial Inclusion

Empowering the developing countries to own land with no holding costs, no interest repayments, no borrowing

Social Impact Technology

Major international funds are always seeking agricultural land in developing world as a form of capital preservation following uncertainty with mainstream investments. The local investor in developing countries or the migrant from developing countries can’t easily do this though because of the following factors:


Trust gap

Migrants always lose money while settling real estate transactions. Blockchain land registry eliminates the trust barriers.


Lack of credible networks

Information asymmetry is responsible for huge property losses. Blockchain land registry eliminates information asymmetry improving the speed of executing transactions.

Lack of Commitment to deal completion

In some instances fraudulent land sellers may have no intent to complete the transaction. Smart contracts provide automated execution.

Geographical Barriers

Geographical Barrier

The offshore investor experiences major logistic issues that may ultimately impede enforcement of the legal contracts. Smart contracts obviate the need for law enforcement intermediaries.

2 Year Vision


DLT Land Registry solutions to Governments

Self Managed Fund

SMSF (Self Managed Super Funds) products for Australians


Incidental money remittance services to migrants


Dead capital solutions through fractional digitalisation/tokenization of assets

The Blockchain Land Registry

Safe and Secure
A decentralised land database accessible to different actors all over the world.
Easily Accessible
Prior existence of a digital land registry is not a prerequisite for our platform to operate.
Continually updates data predominantly through proof of authority consensus, incentivising the actors to work towards achieving a decentralised platform that is a mirror reflection of the legal and central government owned land registry records.
Squatter Menace - Many migrants purchase land investments only to be adversely possessed. Our consensus mechanisms ensure this risk is effectively managed by the community.

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